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Dec 18

Thusday December 18th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

The great thermogeddon is over. On the way out it left about 1-2″ in its wake. Trails and the landscape in general lost most or all of their snow. There are sheltered places that held snow, and that turned into an ice base, but for the most part we are starting from scratch.

I was hoping that areas up by Hwy 8 took it a little better, but it looks like they took a beating too. I saw last night that the Dun-Good system is open but reporting poor conditions.

There is a storm for about Monday that looks pretty strong, but will it bring us snow or just a lot of wind and cold? That will become more apparent as it gets closer.

For the short term anyway, it looks like most of us are parked waiting for snow.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!


Dec 15

Monday 12-15-14

Greetings and welcome!

The heat wave has won. After another day in the 40s we are pretty much down to bare ground both at work in Wausaukee and here in Silver Cliff. There are spots of snow where it was piled up and in sheltered spots, but looking out the back door the yard has patchy snow at best.

The fog on the way home from work was wicked. I am guessing that I had maybe 100′ visibility. Fog is never good for a snow lover.. except.. there is some local folklore/old timer wisdom that says 6 weeks after a big fog will be a big snow. Hopefully it is one of many.

I have the Green Bay weather channel 2-2 on the TV and I am watching a pretty good swath of rain overrun the area. It is only misting out at the moment, but there is darker green and even yellow heading our way on the radar. The rain/snow line is north of Lake Superior, so the UP is sharing in the rain and warmth too.

There is also a band of snow behind the rain, but that is the subject to some debate. The GB weather channel is counting our accumulation in tenths of an inch. The NWS and I are seeing about 1-2, and I’ll throw in the possibility of a bonus inch.

It definitely stinks loosing almost rideable trails and a good start on an ice base on the back roads when we should be opening trails. After seeing how soft the ground is under the snow this may have been for the best. We really don’t have much frost in the ground, and that would come back to bite us later in the season as well as in the form of soft and muddy spots in the short term. I am not happy about the meltdown at all, but there might be a little good in it.

Ice fishermen might not like it either. When I went by Waubee Lake Sunday there was a lot of water on the ice.

Now it needs to cool off.

It looks like for the next week we will be about normal for temperatures. We are looking at mid-20s for high temps after Wednesday, And about mid teens for lows. We will be under high pressure, so no precip is expected for at least a week, but clear skies could bring some colder than expected nights.

About the 23rd & 24th the GFS is showing a clipper coming with a little snow and much colder air behind it. There is also a second storm that is shown passing to our south. We will see how that works out. At 9 days out details are subject to a lot of change.

Unless the back of the storm surprises us, it might be a couple of weekends before trails open around here. Places that had more snow and had enough to handle a 4 day thaw and some rain will probably come away from it with a nice ice base once the cold weather returns.

Time for me to run. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!


Dec 14

Sunday December 14th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

It is just like old times updating at 2am..

Saturday didn’t go well. It was sunny and we hit a high of 46 degrees. It was still 36 at midnight. The snow got as soft as cake frosting and is definitely melting. Looking out of the front door a little while ago I’d guess that the snow went from 4-5″ down to 2-3.

The driveway had only been plowed one plow width wide, so I took the opportunity to push back the banks while the snow was soft. The snow moved easily, even the plow piles. It would not have gone well today with any kind of traffic on the trails right around here.

Something that I noticed was that I peeled up a little sod too. The ground was not well frozen when the snow came, one of the reasons that I didn’t plow the driveway yet. Snow is a good insulator, and apparently it held back the frost even with our month of below normal temperatures and nights that went -12. That left me wondering if maybe there wasn’t some good in this meltdown if it meant freezing up soft spots and putting some frost into the ground.  If places with more snow ended up with an ice base that wouldn’t be all bad either.

We still have Sunday and Monday to go before the big thaw ends, and we are looking at a high of about 45 both days. There is a chance of some drizzle Sunday into Monday and then rain Monday into Tuesday. We could see a couple of inches of snow as the storm moves off to the east Tuesday. Between there and about Christmas the weather looks quiet with about normal temperatures. Christmas could bring some clipper snow and much colder weather.

None of that adds up to great conditions in the short term, at least not right around here. There will still be riding opportunities out there after the thaw, it is just a question of how far north that they will be.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!




Dec 12

Friday 12-12-14

Greetings and welcome!

This isn’t good.

We had a high of 39 Thursday along with some sun. The night got down into single digits, but Friday came back with a cloudy 37 degrees. The bad part is that the next few days look that warm or slightly warmer. It has only fallen to 31 at 7:30pm, not a good sign.

Iron Snowshoe decided to not open trails south of Hwy C..

Trails have been panned, but due to warm weather and lack of snow, trails are not open south of Highway ‘C’.

A lot of the trail along C looked good, some thin spots were opening up.

Here is a source of information from the clubs..


Bookmark that one, Patti does a good job of updating it.

Well hopefully things don’t get too out of control this weekend and we can get back to winter.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!



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